I love films about music. The urge to play music myself has become stronger and stronger through the years.

Already when I was very young , I was touched by the enchanting sound of singing glasses. Two years ago, I made a decision. I started to collect glasses to build my own glass organ. Inventing , building, rebuilding, and now finally it’s there! 42 glasses, ranging from huge cognac glasses to small champagne flutes, cover three and a half octave.
Learning how to play is hard work, and progress is slow: Bach , Beatles, Brel… and especially the Estonian composer Arvo Part.

I want to go on the street with my organ. From mid 2017 onward, I can be found playing on squares, street corners, in subways, in front of supermercados or Ikeas. In the Netherlands, and also all around Europe. What will it bring me? I’m making a documentary about it for Dutch television. Follow my adventure onĀ