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I am a  documentary filmmaker and producer. Also I write film and funding proposals for others.  After 25 years of filmmaking I wanted something else. Fascinated by the enchanting   also other things. glazendraaier.nl  

About Rogier

I am a documentary director and producer, working for the national and international market.  I also work as a script coach/ writer. I am specialized in documentary plans for Media Fund, Film Fund, and a range of national and international funds (including the Creative Europe program).

In 2005, I won the Golden Calf (The highest Dutch film prize) with the documentary Lomax the Songhunter  (90 minutes, NTR/PBS/VTR/ TV Catalunya). The film was nominated for an international Emmy Award in 2007, won several other international prizes, and was shown on more then 40 film festivals worldwide.

I founded Jongens van de Wit Film Production in 2006 together with director Boudewijn Koole. As creative producers, we developed documentaries for the (inter)national broadcast market. We produced the tv serie  Surprising Europe  (9 x 25 minutes) about the life of African migrants in Europe, which was broadcasted Al-jazeera English worldwide, en here in the Netherlands by broadcaster HUMAN. Also we produced Happily Ever After (2013, IKON, HVAR),  which was nominated for A Tiger Award at IFFR Rotterdam, won several other prizes worldwide , had many nominations, and was selected on more than 40 international Filmfestivals.  Next to this , I produced Koole’s first drama film Trage Liefde , the prizewinning cross media project Herinnerdingen, and several informational films for the children Magazine SamSam.

Nowadays,  I am co-owner of Zelovic Film, a small documentary film production company which specializes in personal documentaries. Currently, we produce Glass, an intimate story about my dream of being a street musician on my self build glass-organ. The film is co-financed by several  Dutch funds and will be broadcasted by KRO- NCRV.

Coach/ Writer / Fundraiser

Through the years, I have done a lot of coaching and (co)writing on documentary film plans. I am a good writer and fundraiser, and know my way writing for national and international funding.  A selection:

2015: Co-developer /script writer for MEN, an international trans media project about the way women love men, director Tatjana Bozic (Happily Ever After). Trans media Insititute Slovenia/Volya Film
2015: Script coach /writer documentary SIBERIAN LOVE (Doppelplusultra for ARTE Germany). Russian German director Olga Delane returns to Siberia to find something she has been terribly missing in Germany: real Siberian Love.
2015: Advisor My Own Private War by Lidija Zelovic , for IKON
2015: Coach, (co-)writer for Siberian Love, by Olga Delane, for ARTE Germany, Doppelplusultra
2014: Script coach ‘My Sister Eastern Europe’, by Tatjana Bozic, Volya & FACTUM (Croatia)
2014: Co-developer/writer ‘MEN’, a documentary by Tatjana Bozic, Dutch Film Fund, Bernard Culture Fund, producer: Volja FIlm , selected for the International EAVE masterclass
2014: Editor, compiler for ‘Yassine goes to Syria’ (55 minutes), VPRO 2014
2014: Co-developer, scriptwriting/ coach ‘Iboga, The Forbidden Elixer’ (80 minutes) CTM Pictures for international documentary Market
2014: Script developer/ writer ‘Verloren Dochter, documentary by Roy Dames, Media fund application for BNN/ Interakt
2011-2014: advisor/ coach of the director, additional camerawork/ part of the editing, ‘Happily Ever After’ (83 minutes), Tatjana Bozic, IKON/HRT 2/ JvdW/Faktum/ (Prizes: Best editing at Dutch National Filmfestival 2014, Nomination Best long Documentary at Dutch Film Festival, Golden Tiger Award Nomination IFFR 2014, opening film Zagreb DOX 2014, Several other international film festivals)
2014 : Lomax 2, developing, Doc-Eye 2014
2013-2014: scriptwriter/ coach, ‘Provincial Girls 2.0” (80 minutes), German Media Board, Doppel-Plus-Ultra Productions)
2013-2015: The Dutch Doc, developer, scriptwriter, and director, a series (6 x 40’)about the history of Dutch Documentary and the passions of its creators since the beginning of the 20th century, (Scriptwriter and director, Interakt, Beeld & Geluid, NFF)
2013: scriptwriter ”My Own Private Mladic” (60 minutes, Lidija Zelovic for IKON, Mediafund )
‘2013: scriptwriter ‘Surinaamse Liefde” (60 minutes,Frank Zichem for NTR /Interakt), Mediafund
2013: project developer, fundraiser for Stichting  ‘Felis’ (Stichting Doen, Oranje Fonds, Government Curacao, VSB etc.)
2012: First Gold, developer, writer for Al Jazeera English
2013: developer, writer ‘Surprising Africa’ for Al Jazerra English
2012: scriptwriter, cameraman Houdt God van Vrouwen (50′, Media Fund, TV Oost, NCRV Dokument, 2013) Prijs Nederlandse filmkritiek, beste regionale Europese documentaire 2013)
2011: concept & scenarist, Surprising Europe (9 x 25’), HUMAN / Al Jazeera English
2007: Co-scripwriter 
 Over de Liefde, Femke Hoyng, Thuiskopie
2006:  Co-writer / fundraiser  Herinnerdingen,  Boudewijn Koole, VPRO/ Mediafund
Coaching Nog 28 dagen, Ilja Beudel, NCRV Document 2003: scriptwriter /coaching Toen Ik Een Kind Was, Femke Hoyng, VPRO/ Media


I love films about music. The urge to play music myself has become stronger and stronger through the years.

Already when I was very young , I was touched by the enchanting sound of singing glasses. Two years ago, I made a decision. I started to collect glasses to build my own glass organ. Inventing , building, rebuilding, and now finally it’s there! 42 glasses, ranging from huge cognac glasses to small champagne flutes, cover three and a half octave.
Learning how to play is hard work, and progress is slow: Bach , Beatles, Brel… and especially the Estonian composer Arvo Part.

I want to go on the street with my organ. From mid 2017 onward, I can be found playing on squares, street corners, in subways, in front of supermercados or Ikeas. In the Netherlands, and also all around Europe. What will it bring me? I’m making a documentary about it for Dutch television. Follow my adventure on glassgrinding.com